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I believe all of the First and Second generation Whitefield Family lived at sometime,if not all of their lives in White Springs,Fl.

White Springs, on the banks of the Suwannee River captures the charm and grace of Florida's Riverboat era (1870-1910). Just three miles east of I-75 (Exit 439) on State Road 136 or 4 miles north of I-10 (Exit 301) in North Central Florida. White Springs is the focal point for Nature and Heritage Tourism, hiking, biking, canoeing/kayaking, and camping.

Come and enjoy a laid-back trip to the past. Stroll quiet streets with Victorian era homes, browse folk art and antique shops, visit Big Shoals State Park, tour the world famous Stephen Foster State Folk Cultural Center, and the Nature and Heritage Tourism Center.

The Suwannee River, a federally designated wild river, flows from the Okefenokee Swamp to the Gulf of Mexico. Mirror smooth black water has carved a twisting channel along high bluffs of moss covered oaks and lime rock cliffs. Visitors enjoy unique, spectacular views of primitive beauty.
Flip through our web site for coming events and places to visit.
P.O. Drawer D
White Springs, Florida 32096
Phone: 386.397.2310
Fax: 386.397.1542

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Smith/Huguley Family

Vurie (Buba) Whitefield - Born to Rushie and Ella Whitefield 12/22/1903.
She married Henry Grady Smith Sr. on 12/26/1920 and they had three children: Betty, Henry Grady Jr., and Dorothy.
She married Jack Earl Huguley on 01/01/1933 and had no children.

Henry Grady Smith Sr.

Jack Earl Huguley

Betty Smith

Henry "Grady" Smith, Jr.

Henry "Grady' Smith, Jr. - 1979

Dorothy Smith

Dorothy Smith Conway

Dorothy,Mel,and Bryce

Dorothy & Mel

Helen and Henry Grady "Bubba" Smith III - Jan. 19th, 2004 Bubba's Birthday

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whitefield Family

Douglas Earl Whitefield - Born to Rushie and Ella Whitefield 02/15/1922. Earl married Evelyn Redmond on 07/09/1943. They had 4 children: Phil, John (Died at birth), Dennis, and Daniel.

Evelyn & Earl Whitefield (See Evelyn's (Redmond Blog Family Blog: click Here:)

2001 - Standing (Back row) Betsy & Dennis Whitefield, Daniel Whitefield, Nina, Phil, & Elizabeth S. Whitefield, Standing Front row: Evelyn & Earl Whitefield,
Sitting: Katlyn, Matthew, & Maddie Whitefield

Beauchamp Family

Ethel Whitefield Beauchamp - Born to Rushie and Ella Whitefield 12/20/1908. Ethel married Sammie Beauchamp on 07/01/1927. They had 5 children: Irene, Malcolm, Paul, Jerry, and Wayne.

Sam and Ethel

(Photo: L-R - Wayne, Jerry, Sam, Ethel, Irene, Malcolm, and Paul)

Sammie Malcolm Beauchamp Sr.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gwaltney Family

Vadie "Sister" Whitefield - Born to Rushie and Ella Whitefield 04/13/1902. Vadie married Arthur C. Gualtney on 12/13/1919. They had 2 children: Arthur Fred Gwaltney and Anne Gwaltney.

Arthur and Vadie "Sister" Gwaltney

Anne Gwaltney Parker: Anne married Samuel Dewey Parker and had three children ( Robbie Joe Parker, Rebecca Anne Parker(Died: 7/2/51 - 7/26/51),and Nancy Marie Parker)

Anne and Fred Gwaltney

Left to Right Back Row: Nancy (Parker)Griffis ,Daniel,and Tiffany Griffis,
Front Row: David Griffis, Joe (Parker) & Lonnie George.

Left to right: Jayson McCook (Joe's step-grandson), Ricky, Lynn, Lonnie, Chris, Lori, Joe, Pat George (Lonnie's Sister) Nancy Griffis, Daniel, David, kneeling left to right Parker George (Joe's grandson) Jacob McCook (step-grandson). this was Chis & Lori's wedding June 26, 2005.

Powell Family

Arie Powell - Born to Rushie and Ella Whitefield 05/14/1906. Arie married Omar Powell on 02/25/1923. They had 4 children: Omar Jr., James, Charles, & Don.

Omar Powell and Arie Whitefield (Before Marriage) - Marriage was 02/25/23. They had 4 children: Omar Jr.,James,Charles, and Don

Leigh, Charlie, Jerry, and Brad

Don Powell - 2008

Don, Pat, and Scott Powell - Nov. 1986

Charlie, Arie, Jimmie, & Don - May 1986 - Arie' 80th B'Day

Jerry & Charles Powell - July 2002 (Charlie's 70th Birthday)

Left to right: Don, James (Jimmie), & Charles Powell - 1984

Jerry & Charles Powell's Family
Left to Right: Carla & Brad Powell,Leigh Powell Carpenter & Tim Carpenter, & Charlie - April 2007

Don and Pat Powell

Family Christmas 2007: Left to Right Front Row: Chloe (Scott's daughter), Scott (Don's son); 2 Row: Pat (Don's wife), Brandi Weaver(Ann Marie's daughter), Sierra Lightfoot (Scott's step-daughter), Cheryl Powell (Scott's wife); 3 Row: Ann Marie Geisler (Don's daughter), Cody Lightfoot (Scott's step-son), Ronnie Geisler (Ann Marie's husband), Don

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flight Officer (F/O) Douglas E. Whitefield, Navigator - B-17

Standing: Top Left

Flight Officer (F/O) Douglas E. Whitefield, Navigator, was in the 379th Bombardment group and flew 4 missions with the 524th Bomb Squadron from 4/15/45 to 4/25/45.

F/O Whitefield flew on 4 different aircraft. All the aircraft flown by F/O Whitefield and crew were metallic or silver. The 379th Bomb group markings are attached. The number 1 at the top of the triangle signifies that the aircraft was in the 524BS (1-524;2-525;3-526;4-527) the aircraft serial number is below the black triangle. Miss Liberty 43-37570, a Boeing built aircraft was flown by F/O Whitefield and crew on their 2nd mission to Esterwerda, Germany 4/19/45. The letter K was their call sign.

Looking down from the top of the aircraft a plain triangle K would be shown about 1 foot from the right wing tip. On the left wing and both sides of the fuselage in front of the waist would be the US insignia.

A statue of Liberty was painted on the nose in front of the name and went up past the windows in height. (See attached photo) Miss Liberty was written in white letters on a painted black back ground on the nose 1 foot below the windows in a straight line toward the nose. (not clearly shown on this photo) Miss Liberty is in the 379th Century Club flew 110 combat missions.

Click hear to Listen

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Family Reunion 1989

Last known video of ("Buba", Arie, Ethel, Paul and Barbara Beauchamp, Grady and Bea Smith, William and Irene Bozeman, and Lester) and others at a 1989 family Re-union in Valdosta, Ga. at Merle & Haynes home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Earl Whitefield's 1940 White Springs H.S. Commencement

SPECIAL THANKS TO "BEBE" See email: "Hi Phil,
This is Bebe Willis, youngest daughter of Paul and Barbara Beauchamp. My mother had given me a commencement program from your fathers graduation not long before she passed away and wanted me to get it to you. If I could get your address I'd love to fufil my mothers wishes.

Bebe "

Monday, May 19, 2008

Merle Whitefield and Irene Beauchamp in White Springs, Fl.

"In front of Sam & Ethel's house" on Wesson Ave,White Springs, Fl.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Phyllis Beauchamp Rutter

"Phyllis,Emily & John"

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